My Experiences and Experiments with Yoga 4 am. 21st June, 2019 Location: -Physically: Inside Resham’s humble abode.Mentally: Inside Resham’s overflowing thoughts (TLDR: excited and anxious.)Spiritually: Inside the chaos of the human mind. I woke up at the crack of dawn, and as I stroked my eyes before the rising sun, I could already feel the rush of adrenaline. I was... Continue Reading →

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Pupils in Politics- We Matter.

Students are often advised to "stay away from politics" or "do something more constructive than indulging themselves in political affairs", however, I for one see less merit in such advice. Or, in the fact, that people still believe that keeping students of our age away from the palpable reality of the world which surrounds them,... Continue Reading →

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Contemplating Kindness

I see the nectar that drips out of the scar, which still hold up your half lit flame, slowly, into your hands, and without any reason known to me, I find myself asking, that if I were you, would I, too, do the same? An Original Resham™ Poetry Excerpt The salesman held out a radiant... Continue Reading →

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A world I called mine

Author's Note: This is an attempt to bring forward a subject of high importance, which needs our urgent response, in the form of a poem. Feel free to share your interpretations of the same 🙂 I’m waiting for these words to come by, Maybe, To even get simpler, And this world, oh so blind but... Continue Reading →

From Evolution to Extinction

In the wise words of Abraham Lincoln, "The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." However, in my opinion, the element of uncertainty is exactly what makes the prospect of "what lies ahead of us" an unnerving one, to say the least. We've all known for way too... Continue Reading →

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